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Sunday Funnies


Where I Come From

Founded in 2024, Sunday Funnies is the culmination of John Domingos’ ​nearly two decades working in entertainment. John spent nearly 15 ​years at Paradigm representing artists, advising and helping to guide ​them to reach new heights on the way to fully realized artistic careers.

John’s first foray in the arts was booking concerts and comedy shows as ​a student at Fordham University while simultaneously creating a record ​label with some friends in their dorm. That experience lead to a post ​graduation gig as a roadie touring with music artists around the country.

As an agent, John found his niche working with performers and ​creators with a comedic slant and as the de facto advisor for all things ​in the comic book space. After leaving representation, John worked as ​the A&R Liaison exclusively for independent comic publisher Z2 ​Comics, coordinating the creation of projects with partners Emily ​Hampshire, the team behind the Last Podcast on the Left, and more.

While he has continued working with comic publishers, he joined the ​team ArtClass Content as a development executive to lead their ​expansion building on their strong foundation in commercial production ​into film and television opportunities. After witnessing the shifts in the ​industry during the strikes of 2023, John created Sunday Funnies to ​provide a different type of representation than he experienced over his ​career.

John Domingos

Company Ethos

Artists require and deserve true partners in their creative ​endeavors. There has been too much consolidation in the ​representation space of the last few years. Artists have felt left ​behind in their agents and managers putting their company’s ​pursuit of their interests above the individual’s career growth. More ​and more companies are becoming beholden to private equity and ​shareholders and are losing sight of their responsibility to represent ​their clients as the main priority. There is a need for ​representatives to provide bespoke service, acting more like a ​fiduciary than a hedge fund that treats their clients like an ATM.

Sunday Funnies is perfectly situated to advise and help guide the ​careers of not only actors, writers, and directors for film, TV, and ​theater but also comedians working in stand-up, sketch/improv and ​comic book professionals with IP to option that could benefit from ​someone fluent in the language of the buyers to help protect the ​interest of the artist and the integrity of the art.

John’s experience as both a representative and working on the side ​of the buyers allows him to more effectively shepard the careers of ​artists of call kinds are all career levels.

Who is a Sunday Funnies Client?

  • Actors
  • Comedians
  • Comic Creators
  • Writers
  • Directors
  • Production Companies
  • C​omic Publishers

What I have Done?

  • Nearly 15 Years representation experience
  • Multiple Comic Books projects developed ​independently & with talent partners
  • Film and TV Development on sales and ​producing
  • Specialization in Comedy and Comic Book ​publishing and history
  • In active development on multiple ​independen​t film projects.

Here’s approximately what it will

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